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Details of LRI
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History of research subjects@iStart year 2012-2019j
History of research subjects@iStart year 2020-j
Details of LRI
History of research subjects (Start year 2020-)
History of research subjects (Start year 2020-)
This is the list of research subjects under JCIA LRI program.

Blue-colored background shows the research period of each subject.
You can jump to the corresponding abstracts by a click of pdf icon on the list.
NAME TITLE Mar. 2020 -
Feb. 2021
Mar. 2021 -
Feb. 2022
20-1-11 Yuko Sekino In vitro assay for developmental and adult neurotoxicity of chemicals that bind to glutamate receptors causing learning and memory impairment pdf
20-3-02 Tomoya Yamada Development of a short-term in vivo assay for thyroid hormone disrupting activity in fetus/pups as prescrining for potential of developmental neurotoxicity pdf
20-3-06 Yaichiro Kotake Evaluation Methods for toxicity using indices of developing neurons pdf
20-3-08 Yuhei Nishimura Development of a novel neuroinflamation assay for the analysis of AOP in developmental neurotoxicity pdf
20-3-10 Tsuyoshi Nakanishi Establishment of an adverse outcome pathway for the evaluation of developmental neurotoxicity in chemical-induced hypothyroidism pdf
20-6-04 Wataru Naito Development of Conceptual Model for an Environmental Risk
Assessment of Microplastics and a trial MP Risk Assessment for Tokyo Bay
21-2-01 Etsushi Kuroda Development of evaluation method of inflammatory particles
based on alveolar macrophage function.
21-3-01 Hiroaki Todo "Establishment of in silico model to predict skin
absorption of chemical compounds with two-layered
diffusion model
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