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About LRI
About LRI

The Steering Committee consists of responsible persons for R&D, Research Management and chemicals management in member companies, and is the decision making organization which is responsible for all the decision / execution authority for the operation of LRI.

The Research Strategy Planning Group consists of experts from member companies who have academic expertise, and is the planning group which manage on-going themes and give proposals related to the operation of LRI activities.

JCIA-LRI has 2 advisory panels, which are to advise committees related to LRI issues.
The Advisory panel consists of members from not only specialized but wide range fields, and gives high-level proposals and advices.
The Academic advisory panel consists of researchers from specialized fields, and gives professional advices.
Members of each panel are as follows,

Advisory Panel
Dr. Masakazu Iwamoto
Tokyo Insutitute of Technology
Hokkaido University
Dr. Itaru Yasui
Institute for Promoting Sustainable Societies (IPSuS)
Ms. Yoshiko Arita SHUFUREN
Dr. Masaru Kitano Akikusa Gakuen
Mr. Shigeyuki Koide Japanese Association of Science and Technology Journalists
Dr. Hajime Kojima JaCVAM, National Center for Biological Safety and Research, National Institute of Health Science
Ms. Ayako Takei ICaRuS Japan Limited
Dr. Yasuo Tsutsumi Graduate School of Pharmaceutical Science, Osaka University
Dr. Keiko Nohara National Institute for Environmental Studies
Dr. Makoto Hayashi makoto international consulting
Dr. Shoji Fukushima Association for Promotion of Research on Risk Assessment
Mr. Kiyoshi Sakou Japanese Federation of Energy and Chemistry Workers' Unions
Scientific Advisory Panel
Dr. Hiroaki Aoyama The Institute of Environmental Toxicology
Dr. Mayumi Ishiduka Graduate School of Veterinary Medicine, Hokkaido University
Dr. Tatsuya Kunisue Center of Marine Environmental Studies, Ehime University
Dr. Yuji Takahashi Division of Cellular and Molecular Technology, National Institute of Health Science
Dr. Tohru Takebayashi Department of Preventive Medicine & Public Health, Keio University School of Medicine
Dr. Jun-ichi Nishikawa School of Pharmacy and Pharmaceutical Science, Mukogawa Woman's University
Dr. Masamitsu Honma Division of Genetics & Mutagenesis, National Institute of Health Science
Dr. Hiroshi Yamamoto National Institute of Environmental Studies, Center for Health and Environmental Risk Research, Ecotoxicity Research Section
Dr. Yasuo Yoshioka Research Institute for Microbial Diseases, Osaka University
Dr. Kouichi Yoshinari School of Pharmaceutical Science, University of Shizuoka
Dr. Takayuki Yoshimoto Institute of medical Science, Tokyo Medical University
Dr. Yuko Sekino Graduate school of pharmaceutical sciences, Endowed laboratory of human cell-based drug discovery, The University of Tokyo
Dr. Takashi Yamada Division of Risk Assessment, National Institute of Health Science
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