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Details of LRI
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   (Integrated Score-based Workplace Exposure Estimation system)
SWEEs is an occupational exposure assessment tool developed by Prof. Tokai, Osaka University. Based on ART (Advanced REACH Tool), a probabilistic exposure assessment tool in Europe, SWEEs was developed as a system that can be adapted to the occupational exposure in Japan. It is useful tool for voluntary-management, education on occupational exposure, and others. This tool can analyze mist-like or vapor-like organic solvents.
It is user-friendly software and manuals (Japanese and English) have been prepared. You can use it immediately without special training.

Click here for the manual (English)

SWEEs is free software.
Please send an email to lri@jcia-net.or.jp with following information.
We will return and send you the software.

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